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October 19, 2005


Roses blooming,
everywhere life flows
spreading a red light
over the earth.

Anger mounts,
cold scarlet rage
spreading a red light
over the earth.

Alarms ring,
the blush of panic on faces
spreading a red light
over the earth.

Crimson carnage,
bleeding on an open field
spreading a red light
over the earth.

Sunset, sunrise,
rosy in its deathly splendor
spreading a red light
over the earth.



October 18, 2005


I am seared by the heat,
I am chained to the street,
as the English walk on by.

I am down on my knees,
I am begging, “Please”,
but no English hear my cry.

I am dark, Indian
and for that I can’t win,
but a change comes soon, I spy.

And now those of this land
once oppressed will soon stand
and we’ll crush this hard English lie.

Written about the British occupation of India and the toppling of the provincial government. This was an exercise written for a summer academic program called Governor’s School in Charleston, South Carolina (held on the grounds of the College of Charleston), which I attended the summer between my Junior and Senior years of High School (in 1986). I attended Wando High School in Mt. Pleasant, SC, so the C of C wasn’t far out of the way for me, but I grew so much that summer…


Light & Darkness

September 19, 2005



nebulae collide
in the bittersweet heaven
bright iridescence
while light-years away I stare
at the computer’s dull haze


nebulae collide
spilling heavenly carnage
over galaxies
on the evening news more death
a new nation emerges

Image courtesy of NASA.



August 23, 2005


Signals sound,
Alarums ring.
Empty warnings
Sound and sing.

Empty silos,
Open holes,
Gone, the bodies,
Gone, the souls.

For what was done
Was done in rage
This byproduct
Of a nuclear age.


The Interim Moment

July 12, 2005

In light of what has been going on in London, Netanya, Baghdad:


1:59, a Tuesday afternoon,
or 3:32, an early Monday morning,
it doesn’t matter when,
since it’s coming, now or then.

Just before –
(A deep blue sky seeing
people going off
to work with their children
by their sides walking them
to school after waking up
that morning eating
breakfast getting dressed washing
up although maybe not in
that order)
– Peace.

Just ahead –
(Cities in rubble and people
die in fireballs and Ground
Zero areas will never
live again since the
world now is dead because
of man’s stupidity)
– Destruction.

Now is the Interim Moment,
is it too late to change the world?


Gene Overthrow

June 22, 2005

July 18, 1986

The bow bends, the wood complains,
The sawdust sighs, “The Pain! The Pain!”
The singing bell, once of the knell,
Is screaming soft and screeching well.
The lonely Jean — oppressed, unseen —
Is blue with worry (I can’t be mean

Revolution!  Clear the streets!
Animation!  Pulsing beats!


Big chair, a stair:
Both beat with passing feet (feat)


Blue genes police the new oppressed,
All their gains have been second-guessed,

Lost in a jean overthrow.



June 16, 2005


A baby in her mother’s eyes,
A child that she sees,
A bird that tries to fly away,
Longing to be free.

A mixed emotion type of girl,
Some love, some hate she shows.
She lives the life a player should,
An actress no one knows.

A spirit that is locked and caged,
A passage with no openings.
Running down a shadowed street,
Flying without wings.

“In spite of everything, I still believe that people are basically good at heart…”