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Sing a Song on Alien Soil

November 25, 2006

Lyrics:  Daniel Barkowitz
Music:  Noah Aronson
Based on:  Psalm 137:4

The plane touches down on an ancient runway.
My heart skips a beat as the wheels slow down.
I stand, now silent, on my people’s highway
as the dust of the past makes a whispering sound.

Eich nashir et shir Adonai
Al adamah neichar
How can we sing to You on this alien soil?

This land, our land, is a land so foreign.
In all of my years, I had never arrived
at a place where the hopes of my people were born,
in a place where they fought, where they struggled, survived.

I’ve heard the stories of their endless toil,
I’ve learned the facts, and their history’s known.
I sing a song on this alien soil
but my heart and my soul never felt more at home.



“Give Me Strength” – More Song Lyrics

August 6, 2006

In honor of this week’s Poetry Thursday theme, I went back and dug up some song lyrics from “DEBE and the Unshakables” Greatest Hits (that never were). There is a sweet little tune that goes along with this one too.

Give me strength, give me hope,
Give me something to hold on to.
Give me life, give me love,
Give me the stars above.

Seems I looked so far for you,
You were the only one I looked for.
And I knew you would be true,
You were the one for me.
Yeah, we had a perfect love,
It was the kind that others dream of,
We both thought that we’d go on
Loving forever

Give me strength…

Then we had a lot of fights,
Couldn’t see us both together,
Didn’t try to work it out,
Now we’re both all alone.
And so now, my separate love,
Love for you that won’t surrender
Is just trying to get through,
Through to your lonesome heart.

I’ll give you strength…

So now if these words of mine
Hit a secret hidden feeling,
Then you’ll know that in your mind
There is still love for me.
And if there’s something in your heart,
Something that still wants to hold me
Tell me that we’ll never part
Tell me that you’ll give…

You’ll give me strength…


“Microwave” – Song Lyrics

September 30, 2005

Microwave, make me hotter,
Microwave, turn me ’round,
Microwave, give me water,
Microwave, gotta cool me down.

It’s time to turn that meter up,
no time to slow you down.
Let’s go until we’ve got to stop,
let’s scream and make no sound.
Until what is inside of us
comes out and sees the light.
Let’s make it all alright for us,
let’s make it tonight.

Microwave, make me hotter…

It’s time to show me all your stuff,
it’s time to let me in.
It’s time to get down on our knees,
I promise it’s no sin.
Let’s turn on that microwave
and make it hotter still.
Tonight you’ll get a lot of heat,
enough to reach your fill.

Microwave, make me hotter…

And what will happen if the night grows colder?
And what will happen if the brave give in?
And what will happen when this night is over?
Like the setting sun, let’s just give in.
We’ll just…

Microwave, make us hotter,
Microwave, turn us ’round.
Microwave, give us water,
Microwave, gotta cool us down.

And now it’s time, the night is up.
the temperature’s gone down.
If you had fun tonight, well then,
let’s micro ’round and ’round.

Microwave, make us hotter…

Hmm, not one of my more subtle attempts at songwriting. I did have music for this, but it has been long forgotten.

I’ve also finally gotten around to recording an mp3 for “I Need You Tonight” which you are more than welcome to listen to and comment on. The lyrics are here, and the mp3 file can be launched by clicking on the link right on top of the lyrics.


“The Hard Way” – Song Lyrics

July 26, 2005


Yes I know that our love’s getting colder,
And I know that what we had is gone,
And before this old love gets much older,
We have got to build it up strong.

Yes and I learned my lesson the hard way,
Whatever we try to do
Is gonna hurt me and you.
Yes and I learned my lesson the hard way,
Not with love and open arms,
But with pain and scars,
Yes and I learned my lesson the hard way.

And whenever I think about the future
All I see is us breaking apart,
What we need is some love and some laughter,
What we need is to give from the heart.

SPOKEN: And I know

Because I learned my lesson…

I wish that our love would grow stronger,
I wish that our problems were gone,
But now I know that we will stay together,
And we’ll try to rebuild this love strong.

Yes and I learned my lesson…


“Waiting for the Storm” – Song Lyrics

July 24, 2005


Salmon swimming out to sea,
Someone’s calling after me,
Open doors and see the sights,
Laughing, lonely, deadly nights.

I’m just waiting for the storm,
Lighting flashes, sense alarm,
Don’t hear what they say to me,
Crosses, stars, don’t talk to me.

I’m just waiting for the storm,
Seeing I don’t fit the norm.

Right is left or left is wrong,
Vision clearer, vision strong,
Turn around and see the light,
Clouds surrounding, forming night.

Light and darkness seem to merge,
Like to, ’bout to, on the verge.
But I cannot seem to move.
Stars have stopped and won’t resume.

I’m just waiting for the storm,
Then my life will fit the norm.

What wrong with the clothes I wear?
And the way I fix my hair?
Does any of me bother you?
I don’t care, you shouldn’t too.

I’m just waiting for the storm,
For the day I’ll be the norm,
Don’t know what it’ll do to me,
Just as long as I can see

The clouds, and wait for the storm,
When what’s strange will be the norm.
I’m just waiting for the storm,
Seeing I don’t fit the norm.


“I Need You Tonight” – Song Lyrics

July 22, 2005

UPDATE 09/30/2005 — After much too much time, here is an mp3 file with me singing the song. Hope you enjoy it!


I wanted a love,
I wanted one night,
I didn’t think what my love would do to you,
I always thought I could make it right.

I need you tonight,
To laugh with me, to cry with me,
To live with me, and to die with me.
I need you tonight,
To love me, to hold me,
To praise me, and to scold me.
I need you tonight.

I needed a friend.
I needed a hand.
I thought that what you gave was the best that you had,
I didn’t know that love was not your plan.

We got in a fight,
Said not what I felt.
What I meant was love, what I said was hate,
And all our love began to melt.


And now I’m alone,
And now we’re apart.
How I’d love to see us back together again,
Come on, love, let’s go back to the start.


One of a number of songs written for a group I was in during High School titled “DEBE and the Unshakables”. Like all great high school bands, we never actually played together (it was all in the dreaming, not the self-actualizing), although I do have a pretty sweet melody for this number. Maybe I’ll sing it into a wav file and post it up here for you to listen…