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March 20, 2008


Love without love is a clouded glass
is a childhood dream, is an adult fear.
Love without love is a pleasurable state
without the problems and pain of love.

Life without life is depressing and cold
violent and sad, brought on by lonliness.
Life without life is a troublesome trap
never escaping, just going in circles.

Hate without hate is an envious state
is a lover’s thorn, is a broken date
is an evil state. Hate without hate
is a motive to kill when love is at stake.

Death without death is a obsession with grief
is a sad response to a lost dear one.
Death without death is pain enough.
Let go of the grief, you’ve suffered enough.


The original poem had one more stanza which I’ll reproduce below, but now (20 something years later) I think it makes it a little too obvious.

So the last stanza is:

Love without love is sex.
Life without life is depression.
Hate without hate is jealousy.
Death without death is mourning.

So, your thoughts? I think leaving out the last stanza is fine, but are the points obvious above without it? Curious to know what you think…


When Last It Was I Looked Upon Your Face

August 21, 2006

When last it was I looked upon your face
your pregnant eyes were full of certain grace
your gentle touch, with all its soft carress
your spirit free, your soul by angels blessed.
Your dappled smile gave hints of summer dew
and joyous mirth. These images of you
are all that’s left to me now. Winter’s here
and what was newly born is old and sere.
Your memory, a portrait in my head
is drained of hue. My recollection dead
as passing time, the enemy of years
has drowned my childhood fantasy in tears.


“Give Me Strength” – More Song Lyrics

August 6, 2006

In honor of this week’s Poetry Thursday theme, I went back and dug up some song lyrics from “DEBE and the Unshakables” Greatest Hits (that never were). There is a sweet little tune that goes along with this one too.

Give me strength, give me hope,
Give me something to hold on to.
Give me life, give me love,
Give me the stars above.

Seems I looked so far for you,
You were the only one I looked for.
And I knew you would be true,
You were the one for me.
Yeah, we had a perfect love,
It was the kind that others dream of,
We both thought that we’d go on
Loving forever

Give me strength…

Then we had a lot of fights,
Couldn’t see us both together,
Didn’t try to work it out,
Now we’re both all alone.
And so now, my separate love,
Love for you that won’t surrender
Is just trying to get through,
Through to your lonesome heart.

I’ll give you strength…

So now if these words of mine
Hit a secret hidden feeling,
Then you’ll know that in your mind
There is still love for me.
And if there’s something in your heart,
Something that still wants to hold me
Tell me that we’ll never part
Tell me that you’ll give…

You’ll give me strength…


For Twenty-One Years – Poem from my Step-Father-In-Law

October 29, 2005

Yes, you read the title correctly…

My wife’s step-father is not a poet, or rather he doesn’t think of himself that way, but he scribbled this down a couple of years ago, and my mother-in-law just recently found it when cleaning up the study. I think the piece is beautiful, so I present it here:

My first wife was blonde.
Often said how we
loved each other.
I thought we did for
twenty-one years
didn’t fight much
didn’t talk much
we didn’t love much.
I thought we did for
twenty-one years.

My new wife is blonde.
Often say we
love each other
been more than a year
don’t fight much
talk a lot
we love more
like I thought it should be
for twenty-one years.


“Microwave” – Song Lyrics

September 30, 2005

Microwave, make me hotter,
Microwave, turn me ’round,
Microwave, give me water,
Microwave, gotta cool me down.

It’s time to turn that meter up,
no time to slow you down.
Let’s go until we’ve got to stop,
let’s scream and make no sound.
Until what is inside of us
comes out and sees the light.
Let’s make it all alright for us,
let’s make it tonight.

Microwave, make me hotter…

It’s time to show me all your stuff,
it’s time to let me in.
It’s time to get down on our knees,
I promise it’s no sin.
Let’s turn on that microwave
and make it hotter still.
Tonight you’ll get a lot of heat,
enough to reach your fill.

Microwave, make me hotter…

And what will happen if the night grows colder?
And what will happen if the brave give in?
And what will happen when this night is over?
Like the setting sun, let’s just give in.
We’ll just…

Microwave, make us hotter,
Microwave, turn us ’round.
Microwave, give us water,
Microwave, gotta cool us down.

And now it’s time, the night is up.
the temperature’s gone down.
If you had fun tonight, well then,
let’s micro ’round and ’round.

Microwave, make us hotter…

Hmm, not one of my more subtle attempts at songwriting. I did have music for this, but it has been long forgotten.

I’ve also finally gotten around to recording an mp3 for “I Need You Tonight” which you are more than welcome to listen to and comment on. The lyrics are here, and the mp3 file can be launched by clicking on the link right on top of the lyrics.



September 1, 2005

My summer coffee treat: a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino® with Caramel Affogato. I love the “lava lamp” look as the Affogato melts into the vanilla bean.

Here is a shot of my favorite Barista making a cup of coffee:

And finally, today’s poem:

You awaken me
with the flavor of dark roast
so rich on my tongue.

Can your sensuality
and pale beauty
be contained in just one cup?


Diving for Oysters

August 10, 2005

Wet tears fall
like glittering pearls
down her face,
I dive in, looking for oysters,
bringing up handfuls of mud.


Summer Rainstorm

August 10, 2005

Clouds open,
rain patters on dry ground,
the earth drinks it in
like my lips tremble
at your cool liquid kiss.

A work-shopped version of the tanka that started in the tanka forum below. I have learned so much from the work-shopping process, and I think I now have a much better sense of what tankas can do (and why they are used). Note that I have lost the formal need for the 5/7/5/7/7 format (although it still roughly corresponds) and the last two lines now form a new image, juxtaposed against the first to give a different read. This “reversal” is what tankas (as I am learning) are particularly known for.

Hope you enjoy!


Even Superheroes Have Issues

August 5, 2005

Superman must have a diagnosis:
Schizophrenic? Or passive-aggressive?
Was he ever analyzed? What about
his fear of kryptonite? Is that normal?

Batman never got out of his PJs.
Wonder Woman liked to flirt with evil.
Aquaman must have wet the bed. Or so
I imagine. Even Superheroes

have issues. Well, then, why not me? I know
I’m not perfect, I have my flaws, but I
never tried to fly, or to save the earth;
I think I know I’m not that powerful.


Goodbye My Love

July 14, 2005


Goodbye my love,
I leave you now,
your false desires
your constant ire
prove to me that I must go.

I put my trust
and faith in you
and you have let me down.
You left me here
to rot in Hell
for all that you have done.

I loved you, yes,
but not the kind
of deceiving love you crave.
It was not hate,
not cold, but you
who drove me to the grave.

And so I bid “Adieu”, my love
and please don’t try to follow.
For you are far too weak and meek
and your lies are all too shallow.

Hmm, guess I had some anger I needed to work out here. Funny, but I can’t remember what inspired this, but it is one of a series of angry poems I wrote about love as a teenager (14 at the time). Although some of the word choice seems rough to me now (and indeed I did modernize some of it for you, gentle reader — I didn’t think you wanted to read “I put my trust / and faith in thee / and thou didst let me down”), the emotion is genuine, so it seems worth saving.

The question I would ask you, gentle reader, is what did the “love” do or not do? I have my answer, but I am curious to read yours.