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I Need a New Home…. Any Suggestions?

August 2, 2006

Come to find out, the blogging architecture which I have been “borrowing” with this blog is coming down at the end of August, so I need to find a new home, and fast.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable, cheap (willing to pay, not willing to have ads, but would prefer free), spam-protected blog home where I could join up?

I would also like to make sure I could keep my own domain name (I can give up the mitblogs part, but don’t want to be

Advocate below, please, and maybe I’ll move in as your next door neighbor. Pros and cons welcome.


Just in time for my birthday, I have a new home!  I am now at and very happy with it!!!  Welcome to the new site!


I need your help

January 11, 2006

Well, I have been invited to spend a little time reading at the New Art Center in Newton on January 19, 2006 for an upcoming Open Mike night and I need some help deciding which poems to read.

I am thinking of doing a PowerPoint exhibit of some of my photo-poetry, but does anyone have any personal favorites of my other work that they would recommend?

All suggestions considered…


Rent My Blog — Welcome to Rollin Thunder Poetry!

November 19, 2005

Rollin Thunder Poetry is the first Blog Explosion member to rent my blog. This program (available through Blog Explosion) allows me to rent my blog (for BE credits which translate to more viewers) and to find like-minded blogs which I think you will enjoy. Take a moment to visit Rollin Thunder, I think you will find it is worth the visit! Check out the link in the right column of the blog!


“Thank you for the Music”

October 8, 2005

From ABBA’s – Thank You For the Music

I’m nothing special, in fact I’m a bit of a bore
If I tell a joke, you’ve probably heard it before
But I have a talent, a wonderful thing
’cause everyone listens when I start to sing
I’m so grateful and proud
All I want is to sing it out loud

So I say
Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing
Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me.

Music is so much a part of who I am. I sing constantly; whatever song is on the radio is always on my lips. In temple, I am the one who harmonizes with the Cantor, and the one who is always complemented after the service is over (“You have a lovely voice.” “Are you a Cantor?” “Where do you sing professionally?”). At work, I always have music playing (much to the chagrin of my office mates), and I am usually singing right along with it.

In fact you might say my life is a musical.

Why am I like this? Blame it on ABBA!

When I was 7, I was given my first record as a birthday present. ABBA’s Greatest Hits (volume 2). It was an mind opening experience. Now, certainly music had been a part of my life long before (more on that later), but this album was so different than the guitar-heavy riffs my older brother was listening to. It spoke to me of beautiful harmonies and tightly written lyrics. ABBA spoke to the poet in me.

And so did my Abba. Perhaps you already know that the word father in Hebrew is “abba”. Well, I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my father for instilling in me a love of music. Singing was always part of our relationship. My dad was a passionate singer; tenor in a barbershop quartet, cantorial soloist when our synagogue lost its Rabbi, or just singing with me on a Saturday morning. I still have a tape recording (which I converted to CD audio) of us singing our favorite Jewish songs together (here is an audio sample of one of these songs — I am the really high voice).

Since my father’s voice has been stilled, my two daughters and I sing together now. I hope to instill in them a love for music, and an appreciation of how music adds so much to our lives. I hope they look to their abba and can remember how much music means to me.

My abba was the one who started me singing, and to him I say, “Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing”.


Time ran away with me

August 22, 2005

Sorry. Just looked up at the clock and notice that it’s been a while since my last post.

Life has been crazy since last we visited, but I’ll try to get back to writing, I promise!


Publication news

August 4, 2005

It’s been a banner day today!

To begin with, today is my 36th birthday! I love birthdays, and I am wandering around today with two pins on my shirt proclaiming that it is my day (one brilliant purple against my teal/sea green shirt).

Can you tell I am a Leo?

Also, I just found out today that my first poem ever has been selected for publication. As a birthday gift, I was given a Barnes and Noble gift card which I used to purchase the 2006 Poet’s Market which lists publications which accept poetry submissions. The book arrived Tuesday. So last night, I submitted a set of 4 poems to one of the publications listed in the directory, and lo and behold, this morning I had an email in my inbox informing me that one had been selected to be published. The poem, “I Took a Trip to Saturn” will appear in the Autumn edition of “Poetic Hours”, a bi-annual magazine which specializes in featuring new poets.

My first publication credit and my birthday on the same day! Who could ask for more?


Talking to Myself

December 23, 2004

I used to write poetry. I still write poetry today.
My father died when I was 16. My mother died when I was 32.
When I was about twelve years old, an urge to write poetry seized me. I would be filled with passion, emotion, and angst and simply need to set pen to page. Words spilled out of me, overflowing into page after page of poems, some good, some banal, some terrible. Between the age of 13 and 16 I wrote over 300 poems.
Then my father passed away. And my urge to write did as well. Maybe facing my own mortality in his death caused me to abandon writing. Maybe the effort of clamping down on my feelings of grief caused me to shut off and shut out all of the other feelings I was used to expressing in my poetry. For the next 16 years I grew up. I put away childhood urges and sank my creative energies into other more practical endeavors. I practically gave up on the poet within, and gave in to the world around me.
And then my mother passed away. Again, I found myself facing my own mortality, and unable (or unwilling) to hide the emotions away again. Words, like my tears, began to flow again. And flow… and flow… and flow…
This blog will feature a selection of my poems from then and now. I have tried to present poems with similar themes together to allow the reader an opportunity to see the change from the 16-year-old poet to the 36-year-old poet. Vanity, age, or wisdom, has caused me to do some editing and refinement to my original poetry, but only in cases (I hope) where the edits do some justice to the original idea.
I hope you enjoy the result. Please share your feedback with me by commenting on poem you like (and those you don’t) so I can learn from your feedback!