March 20, 2008


Love without love is a clouded glass
is a childhood dream, is an adult fear.
Love without love is a pleasurable state
without the problems and pain of love.

Life without life is depressing and cold
violent and sad, brought on by lonliness.
Life without life is a troublesome trap
never escaping, just going in circles.

Hate without hate is an envious state
is a lover’s thorn, is a broken date
is an evil state. Hate without hate
is a motive to kill when love is at stake.

Death without death is a obsession with grief
is a sad response to a lost dear one.
Death without death is pain enough.
Let go of the grief, you’ve suffered enough.


The original poem had one more stanza which I’ll reproduce below, but now (20 something years later) I think it makes it a little too obvious.

So the last stanza is:

Love without love is sex.
Life without life is depression.
Hate without hate is jealousy.
Death without death is mourning.

So, your thoughts? I think leaving out the last stanza is fine, but are the points obvious above without it? Curious to know what you think…


  1. I love the way you describe how feelings without feelings become nothing but sadness actually, with no depth to them.
    I think I’m going to start a poem blog too !

  2. Greetings!
    How about Thoughts without thought is…..?
    Cheers, Autre

  3. I love your poem and I don’t think it needs the final stanza- thanks for a beauty!

  4. bonjour!

    death without death is a life unlived.

    randomness (meh!)

    i like the thought behind ur poem.

  5. Napakadakila! Amazing! I like your metaphorical symbolisms!

  6. Dear Daniel,
    Was your father a Canal Zone principal? My mother knew your mom and dad. They went to Synagogue with your family.My maiden name is Peters and my moms name is Natalie Peters.
    Let us know if you are the son? Mom would like to here from your mom. I have a son that goes to school at Tufts.

  7. PS my daughter is a poet in Chicago and she loves your poems.

  8. so my e mail is robertaq@baptist health.net
    Thanks for responding my parents say they remember you and your dad sitting behind them in synagouge

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