March 13, 2008


The doctor confirmed what I already knew,
that the fuzziness creeping in around the edges of my vision
wasn’t some imagined darkened curtain
but more a milking of the lens.

Adding haze to my specificity,
the green twinge of memory sending back
imagined reflections of different choices
a doubling of vision.

Two doors stand before me,
two paths, two roads, are they behind me or ahead?
I made these choices long ago
or did they make me?

Passageways I long abandoned
images of shadows of an imagined future
nestling with the dying embers of youthful spirit
long since burned through.

The light reflected and refracted
into a white-hot laser. I recoil
from the heat and searing images
of swirling doubt in hopes of seeing clearly.


  1. I saw your post and I thought “hmm that name sounds familiar” and then it dawned on me “th-that’s the guy from MIT’s Financial Aid, WOW!” More relevant, I enjoyed your poem, especially the extended metaphor. I particularly like the line
    “I made these choices long ago
    or did they make me?”

    Also if your interested I now uploaded a picture of my apple pi(e). =)

  2. Very beautiful poem! 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that I’m glad you are posting again on the mitadmiasions site! I like your posts! 🙂

    Also thanks again for making sure I got your email! Its nice to be so in touch with some of the faculty even though we arent there and may not even be admitted.. 😛 Thanks again!

  3. Hello again, I just wanted to tell thank you again for all you and the others at MIT do for the applicants. Even though I wasnt accepted, I will never regret trying. Yeah being deferred in EA sucks, but the process of applying and waiting has been so worth it. I planonapplying again next year, and maybe I will see you then! Thanks!

  4. I really like this one.

    You’re a poet! yay! (I tend to get excited when I find people who are into poetry.)

    I dabble in it myself =)
    Sent some with my MIT app too.

    I think these lines are beautiful ‘nestling with the dying embers of youthful spirit
    long since burned through.’

    Do you mind if I link to your site?

  5. I like your poem 🙂 Its kind of melancholic, but very nice 🙂

  6. Perfect. I really liked the images.

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