Spring Training

February 18, 2008

School’s ceasing; start screaming!
Vacation vision, I’m day-dreaming…

Go and get my golden glove,
Ball will be batted to the big sky above.

Catcher’s cares are carried away,
Home-run, my hero, will save the play.

Pit-pat on the pitching mound
Rain on the rooftop! Dreams are drowned.

  • a poem by my daughter, Rachel (11 years old)

    1. heyy this is sarah, i think this poem is good and it covers a lot of area’s.

      i enjoyed this poem xx

      thank you to the auther!

    2. Hi Rachel! I love your poem. It’s really, REALLY good!!!

    3. Love your writing, Rachel – great poem – you have the gift!

    4. Greetings!
      I happened to read the “Questions” [ in the ethics -morality category ] longtime back.Today searched for the link and found the site again!
      Thanks for sharing this here.
      Btw, Rachel- Congrats !


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