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For Hollis

November 7, 2007


In this day and age when 90 is the new 70,
When science makes Sophia Petrillo seem the new Shirley Temple
Why did we have to lose you so soon, Hollis?

You were the quintessential gentle giant,
An acrobat the size of an NBA star,
The sprite in the body of an Ent

You were a bundle of contradictions
A rapier wit masked by an unassuming manner,
Diet coke and a chocolate chip cookie.

You wondered aloud to me, saying that
You knew you would never find a soulmate
Someone to spend your life with,

You, Hollis, who had so many friends
People who loved you and knew you well
Unlike most of us, you didn’t have acquaintances

You only had friends. Perhaps you didn’t know
How much we cared for you. Perhaps
We didn’t take the time out of the day to mention

How your devil-may-care attitude and your
Essential Blanche-ness brightened up our day,
Turning the humdrum into pure magic.

In some sad way, your early departure seems
Strangely appropriate. You were too rare
For this world, too wondrous for our mundaneness.