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Sing a Song on Alien Soil

November 25, 2006

Lyrics:  Daniel Barkowitz
Music:  Noah Aronson
Based on:  Psalm 137:4

The plane touches down on an ancient runway.
My heart skips a beat as the wheels slow down.
I stand, now silent, on my people’s highway
as the dust of the past makes a whispering sound.

Eich nashir et shir Adonai
Al adamah neichar
How can we sing to You on this alien soil?

This land, our land, is a land so foreign.
In all of my years, I had never arrived
at a place where the hopes of my people were born,
in a place where they fought, where they struggled, survived.

I’ve heard the stories of their endless toil,
I’ve learned the facts, and their history’s known.
I sing a song on this alien soil
but my heart and my soul never felt more at home.