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Sing a Song on Alien Soil

November 25, 2006

Lyrics:  Daniel Barkowitz
Music:  Noah Aronson
Based on:  Psalm 137:4

The plane touches down on an ancient runway.
My heart skips a beat as the wheels slow down.
I stand, now silent, on my people’s highway
as the dust of the past makes a whispering sound.

Eich nashir et shir Adonai
Al adamah neichar
How can we sing to You on this alien soil?

This land, our land, is a land so foreign.
In all of my years, I had never arrived
at a place where the hopes of my people were born,
in a place where they fought, where they struggled, survived.

I’ve heard the stories of their endless toil,
I’ve learned the facts, and their history’s known.
I sing a song on this alien soil
but my heart and my soul never felt more at home.



Leafy treetops

November 14, 2006

Stooped gentlemen bow,
Their gnarled knees bend and creak
Birds nest in their crowns.