Breakfast Food

October 9, 2006

Your lucky charms entice me –
Too, your dulcet, “Cheerios“,
when your sugar smacks surprise me
you should hear my honey nut “ohs”.

It’s my total admiration
for what I call your “Special K
they’re the smart start celebration
to my life most every day.

No trix, I mean your kisses
with my morning Frosted Flakes,
They’re my all bran plan delicious,
I’m the fruity loop your love makes!


  1. […] Breakfast Food […]

  2. heehee, I love it!

  3. Ok, this is swell. I ought to have found it before I posted Cole Porter on breakfast at http://www.cookingwithideas.typepad.com

  4. Cool in every way.

  5. i was wondering what makes this whimsical? i am doing a project for english and i liked this example but i need to expand my explanation of why it is whimsy…please and thank you!!

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