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August 6, 2006


Maybe it’s the heat
of this sultry summer
wafting in the window
and fighting the slow fan
rippling eddies of cold comfort

Maybe it’s the lightning’s
violent flashing
fireworks on the horizon
which we try to push away
with stoic indifference

Maybe it’s the turgid
way I have these days
of moving with my pre-
arthritic leg, my own
unbending in this humidity

Or maybe it’s just that
we aren’t speaking anymore
so we let the children voice
our frustrations as we
watch each other melt away…

Maybe it’s the heat
of this sultry summer
wafting in the open window
and fighting the slowly spinning fan
for dominion over the empty room

Maybe it’s the lightening
fizzling far away from us
fireworks on the horizon
which we hope by ignoring
will maintain their distance

Maybe it’s the turgid
way I have these days
of moving with my pre-
arthritic leg and my knee
unbending in this humidity

Or maybe it’s just that
we aren’t speaking anymore
we let the children voice
our frustrations as we
patently ignore the melting away…

I should definitely say that this is not based on current experience at all! Rather it is an exploration of some of the ways we experience heat.


“Give Me Strength” – More Song Lyrics

August 6, 2006

In honor of this week’s Poetry Thursday theme, I went back and dug up some song lyrics from “DEBE and the Unshakables” Greatest Hits (that never were). There is a sweet little tune that goes along with this one too.

Give me strength, give me hope,
Give me something to hold on to.
Give me life, give me love,
Give me the stars above.

Seems I looked so far for you,
You were the only one I looked for.
And I knew you would be true,
You were the one for me.
Yeah, we had a perfect love,
It was the kind that others dream of,
We both thought that we’d go on
Loving forever

Give me strength…

Then we had a lot of fights,
Couldn’t see us both together,
Didn’t try to work it out,
Now we’re both all alone.
And so now, my separate love,
Love for you that won’t surrender
Is just trying to get through,
Through to your lonesome heart.

I’ll give you strength…

So now if these words of mine
Hit a secret hidden feeling,
Then you’ll know that in your mind
There is still love for me.
And if there’s something in your heart,
Something that still wants to hold me
Tell me that we’ll never part
Tell me that you’ll give…

You’ll give me strength…


More cinquains

August 5, 2006

after his rest
the grizzly bear stretches
sniffs the air for honey and writes
new poems.

The coarse
bristles; his beard
itched me when I kissed him,
I could smell the scotch on his breath:

would be so much
easier to handle
if they came with pins that didn’t
pull out.

Pull out
all of the stops!!
It’s my birthday today
(really yesterday but I’m still


Ringing of the Bards VII

August 5, 2006

The brand new Ringing of the Bards is online and hosted at Erin’s Poetic Acceptance.

Weep, Like a Cedar in Lebanon is featured in the Carnival.  Thanks, Erin, for your kind words!

Are you part of the Ringing of the Bards?  If not, next week’s will be hosted by Daniel of Naked and Ashamed.  Look there for more info!


Thoughts on Turning Thirty-Seven

August 5, 2006

When you turn thirty-seven:

you shouldn’t be surprised
when people call you sir.

you start to realize that
the body you have now
is probably the one you
are going to be stuck with
the rest of your life.

forty isn’t as far away
as it used to be.

you are now as old
as your parents were
when they were
thirty-seven years old.

you’ll never be cool again
to anyone under eighteen
(not that you ever were).

MTV is younger than you.

if you double your age
you would be older than
that Beatles’ song about
old people who need to be
taken care of.

the poetry you wrote
as a teenager starts
to look pretty good
again (well, some of it
does; the rest looks
like pretentious crap).

retirement is only
thirty-seven years

My thirty-seventh birthday was yesterday (if you want to sing, go right ahead), so this seemed apropos.


I Was There

August 3, 2006

I was there
the night they appeared
awesome in their splendor,
robed in their dark vibrant hues
of sky blue, lightening yellow,
sunrise orange and red,
pale moon white,
they split the heavens
obliterating the firmament.

These wholly profane creatures
who spat fire from their mouths:
scorching the earth with their breath,
lapping up blood and death
with their forked tongues
casually watching us flee
like terrified ants
from their stinging eyes.

I was there
the night the fireballs arrived
and the bombs burst scattering
shrapnel and bullets into the city streets
with their indiscriminate fury.

Whole cities turned to rubble
by more than the blasts and explosions
but by the terror of the flame
I stood frozen feeling the ice in my blood
while the stars fell around me
white shining lances of fire.

I was there
and I am still here
despite the scars
and the battle fatigue
and the weary hesitance

I don’t want to bear witness
to another tragedy
I don’t want to watch
my comrades die and my country destroyed

but something deep within me
spurns me onward, ever onward
until the day I finally witness
the breaking of the dragons’ spine.

I just finished the Dragonlance Chronicles, my first books of any of the Dragonlance series. I loved them, all 1300 pages. What a great summer reading escape. If only it were so easy to escape what’s happening in the Middle East.This poem is for Berem and for my friends in Israel and Lebanon. You can find good and evil in every dragon, and prejudice on every side. The real challenge is to find a place to meet in the middle.


I Need a New Home…. Any Suggestions?

August 2, 2006

Come to find out, the blogging architecture which I have been “borrowing” with this blog is coming down at the end of August, so I need to find a new home, and fast.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable, cheap (willing to pay, not willing to have ads, but would prefer free), spam-protected blog home where I could join up?

I would also like to make sure I could keep my own domain name (I can give up the mitblogs part, but don’t want to be

Advocate below, please, and maybe I’ll move in as your next door neighbor. Pros and cons welcome.


Just in time for my birthday, I have a new home!  I am now at and very happy with it!!!  Welcome to the new site!