When Last It Was I Looked Upon Your Face

August 21, 2006

When last it was I looked upon your face
your pregnant eyes were full of certain grace
your gentle touch, with all its soft carress
your spirit free, your soul by angels blessed.
Your dappled smile gave hints of summer dew
and joyous mirth. These images of you
are all that’s left to me now. Winter’s here
and what was newly born is old and sere.
Your memory, a portrait in my head
is drained of hue. My recollection dead
as passing time, the enemy of years
has drowned my childhood fantasy in tears.



  1. this is a poignant poem to read on a rainy day and written around the time of mom and dad’s anniversary (the 19th of August would have been their 56th!)or is it about the passing of seasons? very beautiful and sad, too.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I’m sorry I haven’t made time to read you before, a mistake I won’t make again. This one flows beautifully, two more lines and you could have had a sonnet of heroic couplets. Great imagery, I love the ‘portrait drained of hue’, thanks for some great reading this morning. Take care,


  3. I usually agree with Bob but never this strongly. This is beautiful Daniel. Two more lines would have done it but the twelve you presented are divine and flow perfectly. Great work!

  4. Hi Daniel, somewhere along the road I lost track and I only had the link to your old blog where nothing happened. I am glad to have found you back. Great poem by the way

  5. Wow I love the new site! Great poem and great work!
    Very impressed…

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