Global Winds

August 13, 2006


Here I sit on a rolling hill
as the global winds rush past me,
with an eagle’s view and an iron will
and the news that will not last me,
and I see the sound and I hear the sight
of a world that is in trouble,
for a single bomb and a nuclear night
will leave this world in rubble.

Ahhh… for the days when all a teenager need worry about was the end of the world in some kind of nuclear conflagration. So, wait, has anything really changed?

Not my best poetic effort by far (I like the first four lines much better than the last four), but not bad for a 16 year old.


  1. Ah yes, the apocalyptic does appeal to the teenage soul…probably because at that age you don’t really believe it could happen.

  2. not bad at all for 16 – what with a rhyme scheme and everything. am impressed ^_^
    the stuff i was writing at 16 was mostly love stuffs with fairies and flowers and wafting and all that. at least you were worrying about the end of the world!

  3. Very impressive…an any age! To be writing is to be thinking. Keep writing (and thinking!)

  4. I remember your writing poetry at age 16 – How many of your readers can say that!

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