August 6, 2006

Books spill,
Overflowing arms —
“Quiet, please!”


  1. it’s almost that time of year again – the library will be filling up with students arms and books akimbo! keep up the beautiful words and work, daniel!

  2. erf, I’m having the biggest bout of grey matter flatulence and can’t find your email address anywhere! So, I’m replying to your comment on my blog about Chapel Hill – don’t know why in the world I’m JUST seeing it! Anyway, I commented on my own blog and was afraid you wouldn’t see it there so I said:
    Argh! I’d LOVE to meet you, but that’s the week of the Heart Walk and I know I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in planning and rounding up volunteers and doing the newspaper story (photos and stuff) Oh whyyyyy does it have to be THAT week!?
    Tell you what though, if I find out that I can break free for one of those days, I will SO let you know (with as much advance time as possible!)

    Chapel Hill is a little over 3 hours from me btw

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