Thoughts on Turning Thirty-Seven

August 5, 2006

When you turn thirty-seven:

you shouldn’t be surprised
when people call you sir.

you start to realize that
the body you have now
is probably the one you
are going to be stuck with
the rest of your life.

forty isn’t as far away
as it used to be.

you are now as old
as your parents were
when they were
thirty-seven years old.

you’ll never be cool again
to anyone under eighteen
(not that you ever were).

MTV is younger than you.

if you double your age
you would be older than
that Beatles’ song about
old people who need to be
taken care of.

the poetry you wrote
as a teenager starts
to look pretty good
again (well, some of it
does; the rest looks
like pretentious crap).

retirement is only
thirty-seven years

My thirty-seventh birthday was yesterday (if you want to sing, go right ahead), so this seemed apropos.


  1. Happy belated 37th,Daniel,and many,many more of them!
    I’d sing you a song but that would definitely shorten everybody’s life,haha.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I turned 34 last month, felt some similar things. That night, I looked at my abs and told them to just deal with it, I’m getting too old for crunches and sit ups! (and bare midriff shirts too!)

  3. I can relate to this!

  4. ah to be 37 again….

  5. I just turned 50 6 weeks ago but I remember 37 like it was…. What were we talking about.

    On another note: I’m only 1 and a half hours from Chapel Hill so let me know what your plans are and we’ll get together. Also, you might find ConvergeSouth 2006 http://www.convergesouth.com to be of interest.

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