I Need a New Home…. Any Suggestions?

August 2, 2006

Come to find out, the blogging architecture which I have been “borrowing” with this blog is coming down at the end of August, so I need to find a new home, and fast.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable, cheap (willing to pay, not willing to have ads, but would prefer free), spam-protected blog home where I could join up?

I would also like to make sure I could keep my own domain name (I can give up the mitblogs part, but don’t want to be http://www.anyoldplace.com/blogger199123).

Advocate below, please, and maybe I’ll move in as your next door neighbor. Pros and cons welcome.


Just in time for my birthday, I have a new home!  I am now at barkowitz.wordpress.com and very happy with it!!!  Welcome to the new site!



  1. I tried to e-mail you but it bounced.

    Yes, that’s a referral link but I would use and recommend Squarespace even if they didn’t pay referrals to their users. 30 days free and all you need to try them out is an e-mail address, no credit card needed until you decide to pay for their services.

  2. How about journalspace at: http://www.journalspace.com I have a poetry blog there. Of course you can write about anything there! 😉

  3. blogtastic.com is actually a wordpress blog..and it’s free!

  4. Hey, welcome to wordpress. I found you again through the blog “Peter in Search of Pan”. I think you and I used to be linked, but lost touch.

    I don’t write poetry exclusively on my site, Glittering Muse, but a fair amount. Come by and have a look at my new design.

    If you would like to exchnage links agagin, I would like to .


  5. I love your blog, because I’m searching for unique articles, and good content, what I’m interested in.

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