When Life and Laughter Merge

November 13, 2005


When life and laughter merge,
and lights and curtain rise,
the real world is put away
(and all is fantasized),

then comes the thrill and pleasure
of being on the stage,
and with them comes the treasure
of hearing the applause.

Then when the show is over
and curtain-call is done,
when off comes costume, make-up,
(and with them goes the fun

of pretending to be another),
and on goes real life.
But an actor never leaves it.
The theater is his life.


  1. This is just beautiful. I guess once an actor always an actor. I found you on 100 blogging poets. And this was nice to read.

  2. Hi there — made the changes at the carnival — sorry for the mistake. Here’s the permalink if you’d like to put it up here in your “read this month’s carnival” sidebar:

    I loved this glimpse inside an actor’s life. As I’ve never been a thespian I’m somewhat fascinated…

  3. I meant to get back to your question on the Poet Of The Week… Using your graphic in the way you have done is fine. It’s really up to each participant as to how they display each week’s link. And thanks for taking part.

  4. your life imitates your art and vice versa! all lovely!

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