Poetry Carnival: Theme — Short Poetry

October 5, 2005

I am pleased to announce that I will be the host of this month’s Poetry Carnival.

The Poetry Carnival, an idea originated by Andrew Nichols of www.danweasel.com fame, is a chance to highlight your own poetry by submitting poems on a specific theme in order for them to be highlighted on this blog with a link to your poem and your blog as well.

Following Andrew’s process, please submit your poem to me by October 14th at 11:59 p.m. EST. I will compile the submissions into a post and have it on the blog by Sunday October 16th.

NEW THIS MONTH: I would like to ask for a theme for all entries and this month’s theme is short poetry — limericks, haiku, tanka, renku, cinquains, you name it — anything is welcome as long as it is 6 lines or less.

So, to participate, email me your poem (please submit only one) to moneyman(at)mit(dot)edu by 11:59 p.m. October 14th. In your email please specify the following:

Title of Blog:
URL of Blog:
Title of Poem (or just the first line or a number):
Permalink URL of the Poem:
Number of Lines:
Poem itself (remember no more than 6 lines):

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!


  1. Excellent! I’ll be sure to submit!

  2. Thank you, I submit at once

  3. Be really poetic and say “anon” 🙂

  4. Still Have No Shadow

    The sound of silence disturbs me ..
    when noise no longer have a voice ..

    The company of solitude charms me ..
    when people no longer express a company ..

    In the bosom of my loneliness,
    I’ve liven my life ..
    still have no shadow ..

    In the centre of my attitude,
    life has liven me ..
    still has no shadow ..

    Every single breathe ..
    has been like waves of sadness,
    & livability ..

    Every single word ..
    has been like a sword of truth,
    & inspirability ..

    I had to bow a lot ..
    before I could stand on my feet ..
    however, still have no shadow ..

    The figure of life never changed ..
    untill I had had to change it myself ..
    I was never adjusted to life,
    untill I believed it’s life that should be ..
    adjusted to me ..

    If I were to picture my life,
    it’d be nothing but the ruins of my failture ..
    & the tears of my days ..
    that used to fall every where ..

    Just like a sky ..
    with a lotta rain ..
    & thunder ..
    but still has no shadow ..

    Just like a rainbow ..
    with a lotta coulors,
    & beauty ..
    but still has no shadow ..

    The obstacles of my past ..
    could eventually be the gateways to my future ..

    Today, I stand alone ..
    all strong .. all powerful .. all away ..
    all willing to tell life ..
    that I’ve got to grips with the lesson I’ve been made to learn ..
    that I’ll no longer wait ..
    for its charity ..
    or pain ..
    that I’m not weak any more ..
    however, still have no shadow ..

    My igo will survive ..
    no matta what life can do ..
    no matta what I can’t do ..

    I’ve already made myself a wish
    & ready to pay the price ..
    I’ve already had a dream
    & ready to run the risk ..
    even if I still have no shadow ..

    As a friend, as an enemy ..
    life will always be welcomed ..
    to where I rule ..

    Life was never beheld,
    untill I had opened my eyes ..


  5. that was a ver interesting poem. i liked how the poem showed the start and end produt and how the idea of life changes with experience and age. That poem was depressing but at the same time inspirational in the sense of finding more in life. The best poetry is the kind that makes the reader deliberate about what the auhor was trying to portray in his poetry. when it all comes out in the foreground, it shows weakness and unprofessionalism.This poem was filled with such truth and sadness. The character being written about finally finds his light in the end and everyone ejoys a happy ending.

  6. kis chutiyee ne likhi hai

    us bhen k lod ko kh dena aaj ka bad asi peom likne se phle apni jhat chat le

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