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September 16, 2005

Mother Source of Life
You my eternal Power
why did you curse Eve

brought forth from Adam
was she a pain in his side
meant to torment him

was the snake a joke
Adam’s genitals removed
and given power

You must be Woman
to understand with true loss
comes real wisdom.

You, O Source of Life
too the Harbinger of Death
You like sarcasm.


Banana Yellow

September 14, 2005

Today, a surprise,
the verdant green of my
afternoon drive home
is now banana yellow.
Fall making her presence known.



September 14, 2005

I hear them bleating
more and more insistently
as I, sheepishly,
sit in the middle of cars
stuck in the intersection.


Empty Room

September 12, 2005


Desolate and damp desire
crashes through the empty room
sending pain and suffering
through the cold and shadowed tomb.

I see the room.
I feel the pain.
I cannot move.
I am the stain.

my feelings flow,
my soul can fly,
and as I rise
I wonder why

my ending’s come
and not by fire.
I had my vice,
I had desire . . .


2 ½ B / To Half Be

September 7, 2005


2B or X 2B
Is it liberty to me?
Or freedom of choice?
I think not.

For whenever one is given
2B or X 2B
One may not choose the compromise –
2 ½ B.



September 1, 2005

My summer coffee treat: a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino® with Caramel Affogato. I love the “lava lamp” look as the Affogato melts into the vanilla bean.

Here is a shot of my favorite Barista making a cup of coffee:

And finally, today’s poem:

You awaken me
with the flavor of dark roast
so rich on my tongue.

Can your sensuality
and pale beauty
be contained in just one cup?