“Microwave” – Song Lyrics

September 30, 2005

Microwave, make me hotter,
Microwave, turn me ’round,
Microwave, give me water,
Microwave, gotta cool me down.

It’s time to turn that meter up,
no time to slow you down.
Let’s go until we’ve got to stop,
let’s scream and make no sound.
Until what is inside of us
comes out and sees the light.
Let’s make it all alright for us,
let’s make it tonight.

Microwave, make me hotter…

It’s time to show me all your stuff,
it’s time to let me in.
It’s time to get down on our knees,
I promise it’s no sin.
Let’s turn on that microwave
and make it hotter still.
Tonight you’ll get a lot of heat,
enough to reach your fill.

Microwave, make me hotter…

And what will happen if the night grows colder?
And what will happen if the brave give in?
And what will happen when this night is over?
Like the setting sun, let’s just give in.
We’ll just…

Microwave, make us hotter,
Microwave, turn us ’round.
Microwave, give us water,
Microwave, gotta cool us down.

And now it’s time, the night is up.
the temperature’s gone down.
If you had fun tonight, well then,
let’s micro ’round and ’round.

Microwave, make us hotter…

Hmm, not one of my more subtle attempts at songwriting. I did have music for this, but it has been long forgotten.

I’ve also finally gotten around to recording an mp3 for “I Need You Tonight” which you are more than welcome to listen to and comment on. The lyrics are here, and the mp3 file can be launched by clicking on the link right on top of the lyrics.


  1. Hi Daniel,
    I listened to “I need you tonight”.
    You have a beautiful voice, but in this singing I can hear how nervous you was while recording it. The song can become beautiful but I think you have to work on the flow. Now you make ajustments while to singing to make it fit…
    And it will be more easy to sing it while accompanied by an instrument
    when you sing a capella you need more body then just one single voice.

  2. what a gorgeous voice you have, Daniel! Loved hearing “I Need You Tonight” sung in your voice!

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