On Hearing of Simon Wiesenthal’s Death

September 20, 2005

Sprinkler in the rain,
needless duplication now…
now Simon is dead.

Just in case this is not clear for anyone: Simon Wiesenthal fought with great passion to bring people to justice for the crimes they had committed, this in a world which seems not to notice or care about the atrocities which are still taking place (Rwanda, Darfor, Iraq, I could go on). Simon was, to me, always like a waterfall in the rain — making an effort, but always being overtaken by the world around him which “flooded” his plans.


  1. I come from World Haiku Club multimedia.
    thank you for sharing nice haiku.
    I am posting to WHC and my blog , Issa’s haiga and my Renku.

    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you for posting a lovely haiku and commentary about such a dedicated man. For my heritage, I’ll be forever grateful to him…

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