Tarot Six – The Lovers

September 17, 2005

The Lovers exult
surrendering their free will
blind they choose to choose
receiving the card I pause
do I follow my heart, or …

Back to the Tarot theme. In this case, the Lovers poem is written as a tanka, a Japanese poetry form much older than the haiku. In Japanese, the poem is written as thirty one syllables with breaks in the following pattern: 5/7/5/7/7. In cuneiform, the poem would be written without a line break, but for English purposes the stanza works better.

I wanted to leave the ending “unended”, implying that the decision is clear, that with this card following the heart is the choice of logic (sort of an inherent contradiction).


  1. found you through “Best Blogs”

    poetry is such a wonderful form of self expression!!

  2. i’m glad you chose to write this – this way. the tanka and the undecided ending were a perfect medium and format and cliff hanger!

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