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“Microwave” – Song Lyrics

September 30, 2005

Microwave, make me hotter,
Microwave, turn me ’round,
Microwave, give me water,
Microwave, gotta cool me down.

It’s time to turn that meter up,
no time to slow you down.
Let’s go until we’ve got to stop,
let’s scream and make no sound.
Until what is inside of us
comes out and sees the light.
Let’s make it all alright for us,
let’s make it tonight.

Microwave, make me hotter…

It’s time to show me all your stuff,
it’s time to let me in.
It’s time to get down on our knees,
I promise it’s no sin.
Let’s turn on that microwave
and make it hotter still.
Tonight you’ll get a lot of heat,
enough to reach your fill.

Microwave, make me hotter…

And what will happen if the night grows colder?
And what will happen if the brave give in?
And what will happen when this night is over?
Like the setting sun, let’s just give in.
We’ll just…

Microwave, make us hotter,
Microwave, turn us ’round.
Microwave, give us water,
Microwave, gotta cool us down.

And now it’s time, the night is up.
the temperature’s gone down.
If you had fun tonight, well then,
let’s micro ’round and ’round.

Microwave, make us hotter…

Hmm, not one of my more subtle attempts at songwriting. I did have music for this, but it has been long forgotten.

I’ve also finally gotten around to recording an mp3 for “I Need You Tonight” which you are more than welcome to listen to and comment on. The lyrics are here, and the mp3 file can be launched by clicking on the link right on top of the lyrics.



September 23, 2005

The trash I create
is no different than yours
they both reek
but yours will sit in compost
while mine is seen in print.


The Wall

September 21, 2005


Windows’ refractions
parade across the wall . . .
chromosome pairs?

Photo taken 9/21/05 outside of MIT Building 11.


On Hearing of Simon Wiesenthal’s Death

September 20, 2005

Sprinkler in the rain,
needless duplication now…
now Simon is dead.

Just in case this is not clear for anyone: Simon Wiesenthal fought with great passion to bring people to justice for the crimes they had committed, this in a world which seems not to notice or care about the atrocities which are still taking place (Rwanda, Darfor, Iraq, I could go on). Simon was, to me, always like a waterfall in the rain — making an effort, but always being overtaken by the world around him which “flooded” his plans.



September 20, 2005

Revised Text:

Water drops quiver,
suspended at the leaf’s edge . . .
nearby, fallen trees.

Original Text:

Water drops quiver,
suspended at the leaf’s edge . . .
the eye of the storm

Photo taken 9/21/2005.


Light & Darkness

September 19, 2005



nebulae collide
in the bittersweet heaven
bright iridescence
while light-years away I stare
at the computer’s dull haze


nebulae collide
spilling heavenly carnage
over galaxies
on the evening news more death
a new nation emerges

Image courtesy of NASA.


Tarot Six – The Lovers

September 17, 2005

The Lovers exult
surrendering their free will
blind they choose to choose
receiving the card I pause
do I follow my heart, or …

Back to the Tarot theme. In this case, the Lovers poem is written as a tanka, a Japanese poetry form much older than the haiku. In Japanese, the poem is written as thirty one syllables with breaks in the following pattern: 5/7/5/7/7. In cuneiform, the poem would be written without a line break, but for English purposes the stanza works better.

I wanted to leave the ending “unended”, implying that the decision is clear, that with this card following the heart is the choice of logic (sort of an inherent contradiction).



September 16, 2005

Mother Source of Life
You my eternal Power
why did you curse Eve

brought forth from Adam
was she a pain in his side
meant to torment him

was the snake a joke
Adam’s genitals removed
and given power

You must be Woman
to understand with true loss
comes real wisdom.

You, O Source of Life
too the Harbinger of Death
You like sarcasm.


Banana Yellow

September 14, 2005

Today, a surprise,
the verdant green of my
afternoon drive home
is now banana yellow.
Fall making her presence known.



September 14, 2005

I hear them bleating
more and more insistently
as I, sheepishly,
sit in the middle of cars
stuck in the intersection.