The 821 (Eight Two One)

August 1, 2005

Chaucer, Shelley, Williams, Poe.
Thomas (Dylan) and Tennyson
Wandering happily down the 821.

Anthologies on my left,
Chapbooks on my right.
Wandering purposefully down the 821.

Searching for stars on a dust-covered shelf.
Seeing blades of grass in my recent past.
Wandering lazily down the 821.

What is it about the 821 that excites me?
The promise of new / old books which will reveal
their hidden phrases and harmonies?

I look to discover a new master and
to remember the old ones. No matter.
You’ll find me reading somewhere on the 821.

821 refers to the section in the library (according to the Dewey Decimal system) where general poetry is shelved.


  1. I smiled reading this, recognizing the library reference. It’s my second home, although I’d also love a beach home. Nice post~

  2. Hi Daniel,
    What a beautiful poem. I have the same excitement when I see paint or alphabets or fonts. That turns me on so much…


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