Tarot: Four – The Emperor

July 30, 2005

Ever-present in my life, you are the
Madrigal and I, a single voice your
Poetry defined. You are the master,
Ever stern and solid. When I need you,
Rough protector, you are there. But why can’t
Others see your weakness? Show your fears and
Ready heart! They are not faults, my father.

The next in the Tarot series, this poem is written as an acrostic (where the initial letter of each line spells the subject of the poem). Additionally, the lines are trochaic pentameter, to give a suggestion of classical poetry.

One comment

  1. You’ve got some nice images here, I like especially “rough protector” as a description, and “a single voice your/Poetry defined” is quite the phrase. I’m amused that we’ve both recently written poems about our fathers–mine’s been brewing in my head for at least a week now.

    I should point out that the poem is written in trochaic pentameter rather than iambic.

    It has a slow, steady pace (probably because of the caesuras) that seems to me to fit the theme.

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