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“I Need You Tonight” – Song Lyrics

July 22, 2005

UPDATE 09/30/2005 — After much too much time, here is an mp3 file with me singing the song. Hope you enjoy it!


I wanted a love,
I wanted one night,
I didn’t think what my love would do to you,
I always thought I could make it right.

I need you tonight,
To laugh with me, to cry with me,
To live with me, and to die with me.
I need you tonight,
To love me, to hold me,
To praise me, and to scold me.
I need you tonight.

I needed a friend.
I needed a hand.
I thought that what you gave was the best that you had,
I didn’t know that love was not your plan.

We got in a fight,
Said not what I felt.
What I meant was love, what I said was hate,
And all our love began to melt.


And now I’m alone,
And now we’re apart.
How I’d love to see us back together again,
Come on, love, let’s go back to the start.


One of a number of songs written for a group I was in during High School titled “DEBE and the Unshakables”. Like all great high school bands, we never actually played together (it was all in the dreaming, not the self-actualizing), although I do have a pretty sweet melody for this number. Maybe I’ll sing it into a wav file and post it up here for you to listen…