Tarot: Two – The High Priestess

July 20, 2005

Come, dead humanitarian, meet your unconscious.
It knows extra-ordinary things,
there’s enough inside, appearing in colors.
Secret-telling, keeping the veil.

Confident people read the arcane card,
their powerful existence tries to perservere.
But the feminine subtlety hides behind the curtain.
Goddess! Priestess! Show me your intuitive secrets.

There is so much significance in poetry.
Your fears teach you that you need to
unwillingly uncover the uncanny.
The card reveals your secrets. the scroll too.

She is the Priestess, and the Fool reveals her.
She is the water, the ‘true’ life leader,
yet Tora is the path. Her crescent crown shows her grace.
She sits high, like Tarot, to remind us she is ready,

Solomon learned his job from her.
She is intuition, dreams, your guide.
She is just. She is control.
She is the quandary.

She is success revealed.
“Finally,” she whispers, “I am the Yin.”
Shrouded, the goddess reveals her profound knowledge.
Listen to her, she is your subconscious.

This is a web poem. I took the text from the first 10 web pages I Googled with the search phrase “High Priestess Tarot” and copied the text into a text editor. I then alphabetized the words from the 10 web pages and removed the most common ones (“I”, “the”, “in”, “and”, etc.). The words that were left were reordered in random order, and I searched through the resulting text to find phrases I liked which I then ordered to make this poem (after adding back some of those common words for syntax and sense). Do you think it is a coherent piece? Does it tell you much about the card itself?



  1. I think it’s appropriate for the card, and really interesting, both in structure (how you did it) and in the text itself.

    I especially like this line:
    “Come, dead humanitarian, meet your unconscious”

  2. Whoa. Dang. I got blown away… Terrific work! (And that last stanza is most apt to wrap up the whole piece) ^_^ I applaud!

  3. I was curious about what lies beyond that curtain in the high priestess story. So I googled it up and your poem gave me a little clarity. What lies behind the curtain is femininity and mystery..secrets and such. Still I can’t help but to wonder what else…

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