The Lady or the Tiger

July 19, 2005


Here I stand,
one moment in time,
living in a minute.
Forward and behind
I see two roads,
one to the past
and one beyond.
The Holy Couple confounds me,
surrounds me on all sides,
giving me choice after choice:
“The Lady or the Tiger,” it voices
and I work at maddening puzzles
which when solved provide no answers,
only leading to another moment in time.


  1. My first time in your blog..great blog loved the design

  2. This is beautiful.

  3. Hi- Thank you for compliment about the poem “Passages.” I’m an artist as well as a writer, so blogging time is limited. I’m not sure if I also gave you the url to my art site? I do write there, too. It’s http://www.Green-EyedLady.blogspot.com. BTW, I smiled at this poem. One of my nicknames is tiger which as nothing to do with your poem. –
    Here, I wonder if you are conveying pondering which road to take in the future as opposed to “The Road Less Travelled” (Frost) or perhaps, both ideas?

  4. Loved to read this…I like how you designed your blog did I tell this before

  5. i like the beach at the top…this is a blog? wow. The poem was OK it was kinda confusing. Anyway…hot. Did you write the poem yourself. Cool. But like it was weird, and it didn’t make any sense, you kinda skipped around in the topics instead of just staying in one, i mean like it was like IDK

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