Goodbye My Love

July 14, 2005


Goodbye my love,
I leave you now,
your false desires
your constant ire
prove to me that I must go.

I put my trust
and faith in you
and you have let me down.
You left me here
to rot in Hell
for all that you have done.

I loved you, yes,
but not the kind
of deceiving love you crave.
It was not hate,
not cold, but you
who drove me to the grave.

And so I bid “Adieu”, my love
and please don’t try to follow.
For you are far too weak and meek
and your lies are all too shallow.

Hmm, guess I had some anger I needed to work out here. Funny, but I can’t remember what inspired this, but it is one of a series of angry poems I wrote about love as a teenager (14 at the time). Although some of the word choice seems rough to me now (and indeed I did modernize some of it for you, gentle reader — I didn’t think you wanted to read “I put my trust / and faith in thee / and thou didst let me down”), the emotion is genuine, so it seems worth saving.

The question I would ask you, gentle reader, is what did the “love” do or not do? I have my answer, but I am curious to read yours.


  1. Well, I can’t figure out what this “love” did to you. . .I can imagine perhaps betrayal.

    You’re lucky by the way. I recently found all my poetry from middle school, only to realize that they are really lame. Your poetry is really great.

    I think I may keep reading them, and commenting as I go.


  2. I believe Love did what it always does, fail to live up to our image of it. People always do, but “love” is worse, because we invest so much, and even when we expect little, we get less. Then one day when we are older, we find we can love imperfection, and even love that disappoints or fails us, can be borne because it is love and not the early versions our heart tries out as it grows in understanding.

    Of course, if you were 14, she probably told someone she liked your best friend better.

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