The Interim Moment

July 12, 2005

In light of what has been going on in London, Netanya, Baghdad:


1:59, a Tuesday afternoon,
or 3:32, an early Monday morning,
it doesn’t matter when,
since it’s coming, now or then.

Just before –
(A deep blue sky seeing
people going off
to work with their children
by their sides walking them
to school after waking up
that morning eating
breakfast getting dressed washing
up although maybe not in
that order)
– Peace.

Just ahead –
(Cities in rubble and people
die in fireballs and Ground
Zero areas will never
live again since the
world now is dead because
of man’s stupidity)
– Destruction.

Now is the Interim Moment,
is it too late to change the world?



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  2. I like this poem. But one thing try to write in a way that is involved, but not so tracked in time.

    In your comment on my blog you asked if you could link to my site. YES (I linked to yours as well)


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