All the Stage is a World

July 10, 2005


When a role reaches undesired perfection,
and false emotions play real feelings,
and lights and crowd fade to blank walls
then acting is gone, and life is a performance.

When what is real becomes an act,
and when life seems to lose its reality
and all the stage seems just a world,
then life is gone, and what’s real is lost.


One comment

  1. This sounds like it was from a sad, depressing, or discouraging time in your life? I noticed it was written over 20 years ago. I also wrote poetry then. I applaud you for posting old poetry along with the current. You’re brave.

    I don’t want my anonymity compromised or I would post that old poetry, too. I still read it and learn from it. It also helps me understand (some) of what my teen daughters are going through.

    Did you ever perform in high school theatre or is the stage merely the common metaphor?

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