Luna Larussa / Alfie Alonzo

July 9, 2005

Luna Larussa


         Luna Larussa was more than a girl,
         she could sing, she could write, she could play.
         Luna Larussa was lost in this world,
         her mind traveled far, far away.

Luna Larussa had dreams of success
in which she would rule all the world.
Luna Larussa loved power to excess.
In fact, she was more than a girl.

         And one day our Luna decided to roam,
         she said that she wanted to stray.
         She wanted to find a new place for her home.
         She wanted to move far away.

Now Luna Larussa has ended her quest,
after hill, after land, after dune.
Luna Larussa is now heaven-blessed.
Luna is now on the moon.

Alfie Alonzo


Alfie Alonzo — oh what a fellow:
He was cool, he was wild, he was mellow!
Alfie Alonzo would only stoop so low:
He didn’t like red, black, or yellow.

Alfie Alonzo was so patriotic,
He worshiped the Eagle and blue.
Alfie Alonzo was sort of psychotic,
If you weren’t, he sure hated you.

Alfie Alonzo joined up with the league,
The men in white hoods had appeal.
Alfie Alonzo loved green and fatigues,
He relived ‘Nam out in the field.

Alfie Alonzo lived to old age,
His great hatred kept him so well.
Alfie Alonzo died full of rage,
Alfie is now lost in Hell.

Two of a series of planned “moral” pieces which never progressed any farther to fruition. I like the alliteration of the names, but never progressed any farther with the series than these.

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