There is a Certain Summer Day

July 6, 2005


There is a certain summer day,
That chases all my fears away,
And calls to me to come and play
And not to wait nor stay away
But just to come and stay, just stay,
To stay and feel the way
The wind blows at the end of May.

There is a certain winter hour,
That kills each leaf and living flower
And calls to me with awesome power,
But inside I stay, and inside I cower
For this winter day is far too sour.



  1. This is such a lovely poem!

  2. Welcome to Battle of the Blogs. Let me introduce myself. WEBLOAFER, You can can me web.
    Seriously, your poetry is moving….
    I am complimenting you, that is a habit of mine.
    You probably won’t win more than 2 out of 5 battles, but that is the fate of a poet. I am a washed up poet now driving truck, or is it the other way around??

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