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The Quick and the Dead

June 11, 2005


We are the quick and the dead,
the leeched and the bled.
Until, on that day,
HE’ll take us away.

HE is alive and well and living in San Francisco

We are the old and the weak,
the strong and the meek,
wasting away
until Judgment Day

“Thank you.”  “You’re welcome.”
”Thank you for saying ‘You’re welcome!’”
”You’re welcome for saying ‘You’re welcome!’”

We are rude and polite.
We are black, we are white,
We are red, yellow, brown
Awaiting the sound.

“Oops,” said the flea, “there’s a horsey on me.”

We are the quick and the dead.
By HIM we are led
through the end of all days
by forgotten ways.

For thine is the freedom, and the flower, and the story,
for ever and ever.

A bit of whimsy, playing on the idea of the “quick” and the dead.  I never understood the juxtaposition of those thoughts — what’s fast about the dead?  Kind of a “Lord’s Prayer” after the fact.


The Four Seasons

June 4, 2005

11/27/1985 (edited and revised 6/4/05)

As God created seasons, such is life
And now I see that winter comes, my end
But yet, I still can see the spring, the life,
Beginning of my youth, the picture sends
A warming comfort that must now grow cold.
I also see the summer, ripen’ng years
And yellow clouds that as I’ve grown old
Have hid the summer, all my hopes and fears.
Then fall comes next, and night comes after day
And yearly end draws nigh, as does my life
And blooming now in me, I see the way
To death, a change, and finally to life.
     And through it all, I see my love for you
     It grows and ends and grows, begins anew.