Silent Shadows

May 26, 2005


Silent Shadows,
speak to me.
Tell me stories,
talk me free.

Whisper secrets
in my ear.
Tell me tales;
I want fear.

Tell me stories
full of spite.
Tell me stories;
tell all night.

Weave a nightmare,
speak of pain,
until the sunrise
comes again.

And morning gilds
the shadows bright.
And I am done
with fearful night.

So, this is a piece I wrote a long time ago.  Speaks of my love of the good horror story (and dark fantasy).

I did have three other endings which I wrote, scratched out, and settled on the one above, but you know me, still second guessing myself.

Do you like these other ones better?

Option #1

Until at last
when I awake;
nightmares past,
the Shadows break.

or this one:

Option #2

And morning crowds
the shadows down.
The fear I’ve lost.
The strength I’ve found.

or there is this final option:

Option #3

And morning makes
the Shadows weak.
The Silent Shadows
cease to speak.

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