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You Shine

May 25, 2005


You shine
Like the water rippling
You shine
Like the incandescent flame

You shine
With an inner radiance
You shine
As you share your inner grace

I stand and watch your reflection
Mirrored in the eyes I see
Your fluidity, perfection,
And melodic harmony

Belie a deeper call,
A spirituality
That inspire contemplation
Of my mediocrity.

You shine
As you calm the raging wind
You shine
As you calm the spirit within

You shine
Bring me to my higher power
You shine
Bring my better self to flower

And you call me to shine too.

I saw U2 perform last night at the FleetCenter.  An amazing performance, and one which inspired this.  The poem is in first draft, so I could use all the help I can get.