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Grace III

January 5, 2005


When the wild wind blows over
And the fields of gold are
Dark and dusty with dew

And the sun is all hidden
By clouds, overridden
Like a cup overrunning with dew.

Only then, and then only
Will angels, never lonely
Sing praises of my love for you.

And the wild wind will lull
And the sun will shine full
All for my love for you.


Grace I and Grace II

January 5, 2005

Grace I


The sun rose brightly o’er the earth,
As purple violets gleamed with dew,
And o’er these purple seas of birth,
The loud cry of my love for you

Went ringing out, as though the cry
Would surpass any previous call,
Like angels ’round the Mountain High
Heard singing in the Gilded Hall.

And on the cry went, loud and long,
As though in life it would not die,
Like Pan, I use my lyre and song,
And still remains my lovelorn cry.


Grace II

9/1984 and 1/2002

The stars shone brightly on that day
As if they knew their reign was done,
And man and beast in step did stop,
To see themselves their newfound sun.

And oh, alas, I missed the sight
It must have been a glorious morn
To see perfection grace the earth
To see my true beloved born.

And I, your lover, have one wish:
To live with you ’til we grow old,
The stars may shine upon our nights,
But with you the days are flecked with gold.

When I was in high school, I started working on a series of love poems addressed to a fictitious paramour who I named Grace.  These were the first two of these poems.  Grace was meant to be the personification of the perfect partner, and these poems the essence of true high romance.  I guess I hoped that by naming and creating my ideal on paper, I would somehow force the real person to appeal.  She did, but not until my college years.  Now I am lucky enough to call her partner / friend / wife / mother of my children.  These poems are for my “Grace.”