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January 2, 2005


I walked along and found a Staple there,
a Staple, to join my Confidence and Fear,
and there I found Another looking for
a Tear to rend Love from Hate and Fear.

I asked him why he quested for a Tear,
“Is it not better Joining, so as to Cancel out?”
There was some time before he quit his stare.
and said, “A Separation is better than Regret.”

“Regret for what?” I asked him with a start,
while thinking foolishly that he wouldn’t give reply,
but answer he did give, correct or not,
“Regret for destroying a part of life.

If you would Cancel out the Good and Evil,
the Evil would be gone, but yet no Good would be left either,
so all the Fear within would disappear,
but also would be gone the Joy in life.”

I walked along a found a Staple there,
and passed it by without a single stare,
it has not caught me in its frightful snare,
for lying close beside, its Foe, the Tear.

Another old one, but one for which I would love some feedback.  As an aside, when I have asked people to read this, I have received two different responses for what the word “Tear” in the poem means – either “Tear“ as in a drop of a tear from an eye, or “Tear“ as in a rip in a sheet of paper.  When you read it, what did you think it meant?  Was your answer one of these two or something else entirely?  I will put my answer in my feedback section for this post, but I am curious to see what your reading was.

By the way, happy new year to all!  It was great to be away, but it is even greater to be back!