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Eye of the Paradox

December 30, 2004


The eye of the paradox –
The heart of the fire.
The lull of the ocean waves –
The strum of the lyre.

The evanescence of the candle flame –
The warmth of the sun.
The earth is an oriflamme –
A symbol undone.

And we are a paradox –
We love yet we kill.
Our passion, our power –
They lead us to ill.

The eye of the hurricane –
The heat of the fire.
The crash of the ocean waves –
The scream of the lyre.

One of my earliest poems, and also one that, at the time, seemed particularly focused on one issue — that of the potential for nuclear holocaust.  Reading it now, though, it seems to have many more applications.  By the way, oriflamme means “An inspiring standard or symbol” and evanescence is “To dissipate or disappear like vapor”.  Guess I was showing off my SAT prep vocabulary at the time (I was 13).

I like the repeated montage in the opening and closing stanzas but I don’t know about the middle two stanzas.  Do they work for you?  Is this all too pretentious?