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Across the Sea

December 29, 2004


It’s not how many are killed –
In the wars across the sea.
Or the way that they are killed –
In pure rage or jealousy.

For we care not how they kill –
In the wars across the sea.
But we care ‘bout who they kill –
Whether you or whether me.

For when they kill a man –
In the wars across the sea.
They also kill his friends –
Left instead a memory ––

Of the time when he was with us –
‘Fore the wars across the sea.
Of the time when life was clean –
In the shades of memory.

But now our lives are tainted –
From the blood across the sea.
And we long for new beginnings –
In the wars across the sea.

The devastation across the sea is truly unimaginable to those of us who live in our safe protected little worlds.  When I think of 75,000 dead, I cannot even begin to understand it.  Please, please, please do what you can to help others recover from this horrible tragedy. has set up a way you can give to the Red Cross directly to help the survivors in Southeast Asia. Click here to do your part.


A Celestial Ode

December 29, 2004


By the blue-green pools of liquid
(Such a blue you’ll never see),
By the aging, dying cedar,
(Dare you call this husk a tree?)
Underneath the moonlit shadow
Hidden now with childlike glee
There I surely will be standing
In the Wood Infinity

On the shores of Endless Ocean
Where the bravest fear to stray,
Lies a capsule without motion,
Victim of the endless fray.
Under it, within the sand-pile,
Lies a creature scared of day,
And his silent scream is mine too:
“Here I am and here I’ll stay.”

On the highest of the highest,
Deep within the Purple Chain,
Where the air is somewhat weakened
(Only crystal falls as rain),
Where the view is ever onward
(You can see to here again)
On the ridge of Highest Peak is
Where I sing of love and pain.

You and I, we are a consort,
Like two ships, we share a road,
I am Love and you are Laughter,
Like Atlas’ back – I love the load.
I am daylight, you – my evening,
To my Luna is this ode,
I, Apollo, to you kneeling,
Crave your darkness for my abode.

A highly gothic love poem.  Written to my imaginary Luna, I was imagining a love writ by the Gods.  How would you describe that?  Not sure if it works — to my adult eyes it needs some work.  Your thoughts?  Feedback?