southern Snow

December 27, 2004


it was a cold, green paradise
when Winter’s Wonder, cased in Ice
touched this land, and touched it twice
and covered it with Snow.

a single Flake came falling down,
then, all at once, from corners ’round
there came a single, hurried Sound
the Sound i heard was Snow.

and then More came and joined the Rest
as Snowflakes fell to Certain Death
until, when It in White was Dressed,
the Land let go

and now around Its frosty bed
are pillows fluffed for weary heads,
my soul to the outdoors was led,
to freely know…

but i, i sit and stare outside.
the Snowflakes seem to soar and glide
and still i stay Here, locked Inside
and watch the wondrous Snow

This was written during my high school years when I was living in Charleston, SC.  In the south, any amount of snow (even if it doesn’t actually stick) causes the world to stop.  This was the first snow storm I had ever seen (I was born in the Panama Canal Zone) so it was an occasion to remember.  I particularly remember the moment when the snow in the air finally began to stick to the not-so-frozen ground, and being awed at the process of winter’s arrival.

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