December 26, 2004


Leapfrogging over my vocabulary
Searching, searching for the perfect word
Falling through a myriad of memories
I cannot find a simile to save me
Dickinson could write one without effort
Learning now how poetry is

So the real question is, is anyone reading this?  My comments have been rather sparse (well, it has only been three or so days so far that this blog has even been in existence), but I do notice by the counter that someone is logging in…

I am craving feedback, so do tell.  What do you see here you like? Don’t like?  What poetry stirs your soul?  Do you write?  Read poetry? 

Always feel free to comment directly on a poem you see here on which you want to offer feedback.  Feedback is the reason I am keeping this blog.  I am anxious to know if the stuff I am writing works, so please let me know…



  1. This comment moved from the old blog site — original date lost.

    I like the way this one ends up–poetry is very humbling. It is so concise that every word counts and I like that, but it is very challenging to do in a very short poem.

  2. This comment moved from the old blog site — original date lost.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Yes,someone new is reading! I have felt and often feel the struggle, frustration, and resigned “somewhat completion” of a poem I wish was more, as you relate here. The verbs you chosen ending in “ing” are superb word choices for their meaning and sound. (I’m one of those people who feel poetry should be read aloud.)

    Brilliant phrase: “leapfrogging over my vocabulary.”

    I understand comparing yourself to the great poets like Emily Dickinson. Ahh, don’t we all! 😉

    However, even if you don’t receive the amount of comments you want or need, please continue writing. Perhaps, you could offer me advice for what you chose to share on your blog? I’ve written all my life and likes so many of us, am so self-critical.

    Do you have any type of goal as in publishing a chapbook? It’s not necessary. I just wondered.

    ***Here’s a tip if you want more feedback:join a poetry online site. I haven’t had time to do that because of long working hrs, but I hope to find one that I can interact with during my unconventional and varying free time spots.

    Another tip is to visit others’ sites, people of all types not just poets, because it’s people of all backgrounds who read. Leave comments on their sites and they will be more prone to visit yours. Soon you’ll develop a blogging community of blug buddies.

    I did that for my art/ecletic writing site. It’s blogroll grew in only a couple of months to several comments/day. In fact, Icannot keep up with the commnets. However, I wanted more to read my prose and poetry, not visit merely for myphotography, my paintings, and humor stories.
    That has been hard to cultivate people to come over to my Silken Threads site, but the effort has been worth it.

    Realize, too, that the bloggin world is more apt to “only say nice things” in regard to feedback, so a live writer’s group in real life would be the best. I don’t have the option for that either but hope to in thefuture.

  4. and its all about poetry…many emotion and its all from the touch of poetry

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