I Lived my Life a Thousand Times

December 26, 2004

I lived my Life a thousand times
Before You passed my Door,
The Certainties I took for mine,
Were really only Yours.

You touched my soul, awakened me,
And now I cannot rest.
The stirring You’ve inspired in me
Has put me to the test.

And so I search and look for You,
With all my heart and mind
You’ve given me the answers, it’s the
Questions I must find…

The Prayer Poem has a long history, going back in the written record as far as the Biblical Psalms. This piece was my attempt to write a prayer poem, but one that spoke to religious reawakening without specifying a particular polemic. Many people use the power of religious thought to divide, I am inspired by those who view religious expression as the great unifier, allowing that we all see some true piece of Divinity.


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